I’ve had many lives
But with you I want to be sincere
So I sat down and wrote this
Just to make it clear

Some days it’s not that easy
To love you from afar
It seems that there’s no reason
Like wishing on a star

So how do I explain to you
Just how wonderful you are
Should I tell you that brighten up the night time
Like moonbeams captured in a jar

Or talk of all the moments
You filled my heart with warmth
With a smile or a motion
Or the subtle way you laugh

I know it’s not that easy
Just try to understand
Time for me is fading
So I make this final stand

There’s a world I want to show you
It’s one that has no fear
Where we can be together
To hold each other near

But for now you just a vision
A ghost of what could be
The folly of just one man
Who wants his heart set free

I doubt you will ever read this
Just know this for a fact
To me you are an angel
Unrequited love perhaps, my final act


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