From the sunshine of your smile
To the darkness of your soul
The pain that you have caused me
Just to make you whole

A devil from the depths of hell
You posed as if from heaven
An angel sent to watch me bleed
The heartache on which you feed

You trod on me to make you taller
Abused my love in any way
You held your power over me
Do as you wish, and as you say

But now I have escaped from you
So spite became your weapon
A burning desire for the dark perception
That mine was the only, great deception  

But now I know your secret
To be revealed your darkest fear
To show the world the monster
In the angel that I loved so dear

So now I have my power back
let me make it clear
Never again shall you deceive me
I know the joy, of being free

I know I can’t expose you
The damage you have done
But someday you will pay
It comes closer every day

Your angelic mask will wither
In front of all you know
To show this devils game you play
When your beauty fades away. 

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